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Our Promise to Alabama Homeowners & Property Owners

Welcome to The Continental Roofing Experience, where we're dedicated to delivering roofing excellence throughout Alabama. We're a Huntsville based roofing contractor, with additional locations in Birmingham & Dothan, committed to integrity and precision on every roof we install. At Continental Roofing, our commitment is crystal clear. We promise:

  • Honest & Thorough Roof Assessments: One of our highly trained Alabama roof inspectors will provide an honest assessment of your roof's condition so you can make informed decisions about roof repairs or replacements. Whether you need your roof inspected for storm damage, or need to pinpoint the source of a roof leak, our expert team is equipped to provide you with essential information to make an educated decision regarding your roof.
  • Competitive & Accurate Estimates: We understand that roof repairs and replacements can be a significant unexpected expense. We believe in providing a competitive estimate using premium roofing materials and skilled installation teams. We prioritize accuracy in our estimates, preventing unforeseen surprises at the conclusion of your roof project.
  • Clear Communication: We recognize that any roofing project performed on your home is an inconvenience. That's why we emphasize clear communication throughout the roofing process, from scheduling your repair or replacement to addressing any issues that may arise during you roof project.
  • Home Protection: Removal of an existing roof system is a messy job. At Continental Roofing, we realize the importance of protecting your property while completing your roof installation or repair. That's why we utilize specialized equipment like The Catch-All System to keep falling debris away from your home and landscaping during the roofing process.
  • Quality Assurance: Following the completion of your roof replacement or repair, we conduct a thorough post-project inspection. This ensures that all work meets Continental Roofing's high standards, providing Alabama homeowners with peace of mind, knowing that their new roof is built to withstand the test of time.
  • Prompt Issue Resolution: While it's true that challenges may arise in a small percentage of roofing projects, we pride ourselves on swiftly resolving any issues. Our commitment is to minimize inconvenience for our valued clients, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory resolution to any problems.

Our Roof Replacement Process

  • Step 1: Roof Assessment
    • Determine if your roof has been impacted by storm damage
      If you suspect storm damage on your roof, we can help! We are a trusted roofing contractor based in Huntsville, AL specializing in storm damage restoration. Rather than simply guessing, we conduct thorough inspections of your roof and surrounding property to provide honest opinions and accurate information, empowering you to make informed decisions about your Alabama roof. Learn more about storm damage in Alabama.
    • Assess the unique requirements of your roof system
      Our experienced inspectors will evaluate the unique requirements for your roof system. We understand that every roof is different, with its own set up characteristics, materials, and potential issues. The inspector will provide you with tailored recommendations that are suited for your roof’s requirements. Whether it’s identifying the need for repairs, replacement, maintenance, or enhancements, we take into account the unique aspects of your roof system to ensure the best possible outcome. Visit our Roofing University to learn more.
    • At Continental Roofing Company, we look beyond the roof
      We go beyond just fixing roofs. If we spot potential issues around your home that could lead to leaks, such as problems with chimney caps, siding, or windows, rest assured that we'll provide upfront communication and recommendations to keep your Alabama home leak-free.
  • Step 2: Insurance Assistance
  • When storm damage affects your roof in Alabama, count on Continental Roofing to simplify the insurance claim process to get your home back to normal quickly. Our experienced technicians are trained to maximize your claim while minimizing your out-of-pocket expense.

    • Documentation Assistance
      If storm damage is present, we will provide you with all the necessary documentation to file your insurance claim. Our inspectors will take the time to explain the process and answer any questions you may have regarding the claim process. Learn more about Alabama storm damage.
    • Climb Roof with Adjuster
      Having an advocate on-site during your insurance adjuster's inspection is crucial. Our experienced team will be present on the roof, ensuring the correct processing of your claim and the inclusion of all necessary roofing materials in the adjuster's scope of work. In the rare event the adjuster disagrees with our storm damage assessment, we will help guide you through the reinspection process.
    • Insurance Scope & Summary Review
      Once your claim is approved, we will meticulously review the insurance loss summary to ensure it covers code requirements and guarantees a high-quality roof replacement. Insurance companies use a pricing software called Xactimate which regulates repair costs throughout the industry. If roof components are missing from the loss summary, then our trained team can submit the necessary paperwork to make sure your claim is paid out properly and you receive full replacement cost value for your roof.
    • Expedited Payments
      In most cases, insurance companies will hold back a percentage of your claim proceeds. This is referred to as depreciation and the amount is based on your roof's age. Based on your policy, this depreciation can be either non-recoverable or recoverable and it's important to know the difference. If your insurance policy does not include replacement cost, then your depreciation will be considered non-recoverable and you will not receive this payment. If you do have replacement cost insurance (most policies), then you will receive these funds once the roofing work has been completed and invoices have been supplied to the insurance company.
  • Step 3: Finalizing the Contract
    • Roof Material Selections
      We offer a wide range of high-quality roofing materials, and our experts will guide you through the selection process, ensuring your choice aligns with your preferences and budget. All selections will be added to the contract for signature to avoid any miscommunication and minimize mistakes.
    • Review Roof Project Cost
      We believe in transparency when it comes to your roofing project's cost. During this stage, we'll provide you with a detailed cost, so you have a clear understanding of the investment required for your roof replacement or repair.
    • Document the Home's Current Condition
      Before we commence work on your new roof, we conduct a thorough assessment of your home's current condition and document any pre-existing issues with photos. We want to take care of anything we damage during the roof project, but we also want to safeguard against fraudulent claims. We aim to leave your Alabama home just the way we found it - with the addition of a beautiful new roof!
    • What to Expect
      We understand that having your roof replaced is a disruptive undertaking. We want you to be fully prepared for this significant home improvement project. As an Alabama roofing contractor for the past 17 years, we have encountered numerous unexpected events while roofing a home. By providing you with our What to Expect document, we hope to avoid any circumstances that may diminish your satisfaction with Continental Roofing.
  • Step 4: Project Management
    • Scheduling Your Roof
      Once the contract is finalized, your Alabama roofing project will be turned over to a locally based project manager for scheduling. You will receive email notifications when 1) the paperwork is submitted to the project manager, 2) the project manager approves your roofing project for production, 3) your roof installation is 7 days away, 4) your roof installation is 3 days away, and 5) your roof installation is 1 day away. We realize communication is key and we want to keep you in the loop every step of the way.
    • Protecting Your Home
      Our dedicated roofing team takes every precaution to protect your property during the roofing process. From securing the work area with specialized property protection equipment like The Catch-All System to ensuring a thorough clean-up afterward by magnetizing the landscaping, we prioritize the safety and preservation of your home.
    • Our Alabama Roofers
      Our Alabama based roofing teams are the heart of our operations. Composed of skilled professionals, they bring years of expertise to each project. Whether you're located in Huntsville, Birmingham, Dothan, or anywhere in between, we have locally based roofing teams that are dedicated to delivering a high-quality roof in a timely manner.
    • Your Project Manager
      Our project managers are your dedicated partners throughout the roofing process. Serving as direct points of contact, they ensure clear communication and promptly address any questions or concerns you may have. With their extensive roofing knowledge and expert oversight, your roofing project is in capable hands, promising a seamless experience from start to finish.
  • Step 5: Completion
    • Quality Assurance Inspection
      Before we consider the job done, our team conducts a thorough quality assurance inspection of your roof. This final inspection is our commitment to delivering a roof that not only looks great from the ground, but also performs as promised.
    • Complete Punch List
      Should any issues be identified during the quality assurance inspection, or if you find any aspect of the roof project unsatisfactory, we will generate a punch list. This comprehensive list serves as a guide to swiftly and accurately address any outstanding issues, ensuring your complete satisfaction with the final results of your roof replacement.
    • Invoicing
      Upon completion of the roof work, we will promptly provide you with an invoice. In the event of unforeseen items, we will provide detailed charges, accompanied by photographs documenting the reasons for changes. If applicable, we'll submit all invoices to your insurance company, ensuring a swift recovery of any depreciation.
    • Roof Warranty Registration
      Once the invoice has been paid in full, as your trusted Alabama roofing contractor, we take care of all roof warranty registration on your behalf. This ensures that your roof is not only built to last but is also supported by extensive warranty coverage for your peace of mind. If any issues arise within the warranty period, Continental Roofing will be there promptly to resolve them, reaffirming our commitment to your satisfaction and the durability of your roof.

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